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Server Merge on Sep 16 2019

Time : 2019-08-29 20:51

Dear Players,


We will do a server merge on both One Piece Online game EU and US servers on Sep 16, 2019 at 5:00am server time. Please check the server merge details in the following table. Players from these servers could still login from the original server tag after the maintenance. If you find any BUGs after server merge, please don’t hesitate to send mails to our support.


Server Merge Details:

Server Merge on Sep 16, 2019



US S305-309

EU S237-240



Server Merge Rules:

1. Character Name: Character Name will be reserved. If there are two or more players sharing the same name, a server number will be added as a suffix to the name. For example, there is a player named “Luffy” from US03, and a player “Luffy” from US04, once US03 and US04 merged together, Luffy from US03 will have the name “Luffy.s3” and Luffy from US04 will have the name “Luffy.s4”.


2. Pirates Team Name: Same as Character Name.


3. Arena: Arena Rank will be cleared, and Arena Rank Reward will be reset, which means players could challenge and claim Arena Rank Reward once again.


4. Server Opening Time: Server Opening Time will be set according to the earliest server.


5. Events: All events will get cancelled, please claim the reward before server merge.


6. Shop: Nami Treasure and VIP Shop will be reset, which means players could buy the super value items once again.


7. Server Merge Reward:

1) Every player will receive one Server Merge Large Gift Pack; it contains the following items: Vitality *100, Beli *300000, Sea King Steak(Large) *10, Coupon *100

2) Players from later opening servers could receive Server Merge Gift Pack; it contains the following items: Vitality *10, Beli *20000, Sea King Steak(Large) *2.

3) The later the servers opened, the more Server Merge Gift Packs to be received. For example, US03, US04 and US05 merged into one server. US03 is the earliest server, so US03 players won’t receive Server Merge Gift Pack. US04 players will receive one Server Merge Gift Pack and US05 players will receive two Server Merge Gift Packs.


8. Characters match all the following conditions will get cleared.

1) Didn’t login for more than 15 days

2) Level is lower than 20

3) Never Top-up any amount


One Piece Online Operating Team

Sep 15 21, 2019