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Lag Issue

Time : 2015-01-27 02:19

Dear players,

Recently we have received many reports about lag during storyline battle.

According to these reports, most lag happened in Asia, Australia, Middle East, Africa and some European countries. Since the game server is based in US and One Piece Online is a real time ARPG online web game, it requires a higher and more stable network environment than other web games. Region difference may have influenced the connection speed and it varies from place to place. 

Please believe us that we want every player from all over the world to enjoy this wonderful One Piece game and we value all your game experience. In order to do that, tech team has been working on this lag issue since the first report came in and they have found an alternative solution that can much improve the current situation. We promise that this patch will come out ASAP once we have run it through.

Thank you all for your support and understanding.

JoyGames Operating Team

Jan 27, 2015